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Patrick Paige II


Grammy award-winning LA native Patrick Paige II got his start early in music in church with the drums and later learned the bass guitar in 7th grade. Teaming up with Syd Bennett and Matt Martin in 2011, The Internet’s debut album Purple Naked Ladies was born. Primarily the bassist for the Grammy-nominated R&B band, Paige has also worked diligently on his own music, which includes Letters of Irrelevance (2018) and If I Fail Are We Still Cool? (2021), two full-lengths albums showcasing his gift for jazz-inflected hip-hop and his talent for exceptionally open lyricism and inventive production. Among his numerous credits across The Internet's vast catalog and solo projects, Patrick Paige II has co-written and received credits on Malia's "Sunny Day" and "Satisfaction", Durand Bernarr’s "Unblocked" and most recently the Grammy-winning Beyonce album RENAISSANCE on the song titled “PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA”. Similar to the Internet's acid jazz and neo-soul influences and proclivity for experimentation, Paige's solo material is a boundary-pushing pastiche of styles.


“BEACHOWSE" ft. Patrick Paige II - Album


"IM GuD" ft. Patrick Paige II - Album


If I Fail Are We Still Cool? - Album


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